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In order to bring Kunim to every young person in Africa, we need your support.  We welcome charitable donations from individuals, corporations, hospitals and mobile-tech companies.  

Interested in Kunim? Join us in our mission by getting involved with our projects! Find out more to CLAIM YOUR KUNIM!​

At The Kunim Foundation we are on a mission to put sexual health services in the hands of ALL Africa's youth; One country, One young person, One mobile phone at a time!  

The Kunim Foundation is an international nonprofit organization, dedicated to providing sexual health services to young people in Africa.  We offer contraceptives, HIV counseling and testing, STI screening and sexual health resources via community-based mobile health (mHealth) initiatives.  At the Kunim Foundation we believe sexual healhth can and should be mobile.  We use mobile technology to TEACH, TEST, TREAT and TRACK our young people  and ensure their continued access to sexual health services.  Our vision is one where every young person in Africa, actively manages their sexual health; our goal is to equip them with the tools and show them how.

The Kunim Foundation

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