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The Kunim Foundation's journey began in 2005, when our founder Mensima Clerk embarked on a research trip to Ghana.  Although her aim was to familiarize herself with the HIV epidemic in Ghana, what she encountered there was a situation common in many African countries at the time; young people, particularly young women, being infected with the virus.  After numerous interviews, focus groups and site visits, it became clear to Mensima that the face of HIV in Africa, was not only young, it was overwhelming female.  As a young Ghanaian woman herself, hearing the plight of her counterparts at 'home' had a lasting effect on Mensima and turned an academic interest into a deeply personal mission; to see young people in Africa claim victory over HIV. 

Kunim is Ga word that means VICTORY and embodies the vision, mission and goals of The Kunim Foundation: 


Our vision is an Africa where young people claim their KUNIM and GET TESTED for HIV.  


Our mission is to provide young people with the services they need to not only get tested for HIV but also manage their SEXUAL HEALTH overall.  


Our goal is to harness mobile technology and place these services in the hands of ALL AFRICA'S YOUTH: One country, One young person, One mobile phone at a time.


Click here to read the article that started it all.

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